iGaming Labs: A Beginner’s Guide to Games Testing for Gamblers

iGaming testing laboratories ensure that the games you play at a reputable online casino are fair and not manipulated. Because a casino cannot obtain a license to operate without testing certification, every legal online casino offers tested games. Whether this is from one of the individual state regulatory bodies responsible for US casinos or one of the major European licenses such as the UKGC or MGA.

As important as game testing is, the majority of players know nothing about it. To address this, we’ll give you all the information you need right here, including:

What a game testing laboratory is and what it does.

Why game testing is necessary.

More information on the most prominent testing facilities.

How to determine whether an online casino has been certified as impartial.

What are Gaming Laboratories?

A gaming test facility is an independent laboratory that conducts game testing. A games test consists of both simulated and manual gameplay over millions of rounds or hands, with moves and results being recorded.

The data is examined for compliance with state regulations. The game is certified if it is fair. However, the game is not certified as fair if it operates with an error, in a predictable manner, or contrary to the advertised rewards.

For an online game to be considered fair, it must pay out the amount advertised in the game rules (the RTP) and produce arbitrary, unpredictable results.

Despite its apparent simplicity, evaluating video games is incredibly complicated. (hence the lab of computer scientists and mathematicians). The gaming laboratories examine every aspect of the game, conducting tests for software bugs, licensing conformance, functionality, and game safety. (not targeting vulnerable players or encouraging irresponsible gambling). Consequently, there is much that goes into a games evaluation.

Why Is Game Testing So Crucial?

Without game testing, players would have no means of determining whether or not the casino games they play are fair and not manipulated. They would simply have to have faith in an online casino and the game’s developer that everything is above board, no errors have been made, and the game awards victories as intended. When actual money is involved, this is not a simple task.

Testing games fosters confidence between participants, casinos, and licensing bodies. In addition, it ensures that the entire industry remains transparent and in compliance with state law. Without gaming laboratories, it would be difficult to convince online gamblers that a website is providing an equitable dice roll, particularly when playing craps!

Who Are the Most Reputable Gaming Laboratories?

As the European and global iGaming industries have been regulated significantly longer than the US market, the majority of game operators and testing laboratories are located in Europe. Nonetheless, as the US market develops, testing laboratories based in the US will undoubtedly emerge. Here are two of the most prominent names in the testing sector.


eCOGRA is the most well-known games testing organization in the United Kingdom and Europe. It was founded in 2003 in response to advocacy by casino software developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt, who argued that users required greater transparency in online gambling.

eCOGRA is currently the first point of contact for the largest online casinos and operators in the world, including Bet365, 32Red, 888 Casino, Ladbrokes, NetEnt, and Microgaming. The laboratory provides both agency tests (game testing for licensing) and self-regulatory tests. (testing for safety regulations such as preventing fraud and underage gambling). In our casino evaluations, we will indicate whether the establishment primarily carries this certification.

Gaming Laboratories Worldwide

Gaming facilities International is one of the industry’s earliest and most reputable gaming facilities. Established in 1987, the GLI’s mission is to provide the global gaming industry with world-class testing, certification, and professional services. GLI provides its services to operators, suppliers, and governing bodies.

Land-based, indigenous, lottery, and iGaming regulators in 480 jurisdictions worldwide utilize GLI for testing, audits, and to ensure compliance with gaming regulation by casinos in their jurisdictions.

How Can I Determine if an Online Casino or Game Has Been Tested?

The quickest way to determine whether an online casino or games developer has testing certification is to visit their homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for:

Before a license is issued, games and online casinos must be audited by the licensing jurisdiction, according to US licensing laws. A licensed casino is therefore a tested and certified wagering site in the United States. The same holds true for all games software licensed in the United States.

Look for the logo of Games Testing: If an online casino has conducted independent testing, the game testing lab’s logo will be displayed in the casino website’s footer, along with details about the test certification.

Gaming Labs FAQs

Is independent testing a legal requirement for online casinos in the United States?

In order to obtain a license to operate in the United States, casino game suppliers and online casinos must be audited and certified as fair and secure casinos. Currently, this is performed by the regulator as part of services such as GLI’s regulator testing.

Why is testing of iGaming necessary?

iGaming testing demonstrates that online casino games, software, and payouts are equitable. Therefore, you can confidently wager that online games are not manipulated against you. In addition, games testing is necessary because it maintains industry transparency and keeps stakeholders on their toes.

Is it secure to play at an online casino that has not been verified or licensed?

No, you should never gamble at a casino that is not licensed. These websites do not provide tested and secure activities, are not regulated, operate illegally, and do not pay taxes. If an online casino chooses to avoid casino licensing, there is typically a good reason.

Who are the most well-known iGaming testing laboratories?

eCOGRA and Games Laboratories International are two of the largest iGaming testing laboratories. While there are numerous other testing authorities, the majority of operators, suppliers, and regulations use these two.

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