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Review of the Slot Machine, “Stars of Orion”

Many well-known works of art have been written, performed, and filmed using the mystery and beauty of the night sky as their inspiration. With the release of its slot game Stars of Orion, ELK Studios has opted to capitalize on this market. Few constellations are as instantly recognizable as Orion, and the game gives it fresh life. ELK Studios has taken the tried-and-true Gravity Reels mechanism and given it a new spin with the help of some fantastic extra features. In this Stars of Orion slot review, we will examine the game in great detail.

Slot Machine Model Based on the Stars of Orion


Despite its title, Stars of Orion takes place on planet Earth and has nothing to do with the heavens. The game’s setting is reminiscent of Stonehenge, with massive stone monoliths flanking the playing area. When you push the spin button, the stars of Orion will appear behind the reel. The visuals aren’t very groundbreaking, but they certainly help build the mood.


Instructions for the Online Slot Machine Stars of Orion

Stars of Orion’s gameplay is what sets it apart from other games. Unlike the majority of popular online slots, this one makes use of ELK Studios’ Gravity feature rather on the more commonplace reels. There are no spinning reels; instead, symbols just rain down into the playing field and land in the adjacent empty slot. It makes the game feel more like an app or a mobile game.


The slot machine also has a Cluster Pay feature, which triggers winning combinations when five or more identical symbols appear in a single spin. Both mechanisms work together in perfect harmony. Avalanche Payment is also implemented in the game. All symbols vanish and new symbols fall into position whenever a player hits a winning combination.


The bet for each spin must be determined beforehand. You can wager as little as $0.20 or as much as $100. This betting spread is ideal, since it will appeal to gamblers with varying bankroll sizes.

Mobile Slot Game: Stars of Orion


The Stars of Orion slot machine looks and plays like it was made with mobile gaming in mind. Stars of Orion, like other mobile slot games, was built with HTML5 technology, making it compatible with both smartphones and tablets.


Stars of Orion Slot Machine Extras

Stars of Orion’s bonus options remain a shining example of the game’s unique design. When you hit winning combos, the symbols will accumulate in a meter to the right of the reels. If you’re lucky enough to keep winning, you may use these collections to increase your Multiplier to a maximum of 64x.


Several more functions are activated in this manner as well. Extra Wilds in the shape of the constellation Orion are one such example. The maximum configuration includes all 88 constellation symbols over 13 more reels. It makes excellent use of the Gravity mechanism while also fitting in well with the game’s theme.


But that’s not all. When three or more Bonus symbols appear in a cluster, the slot’s Free Spins Round is activated. You’ll get 10 bonus turns as a result of this. Any accumulations made in the magic meter throughout the round will remain there regardless of the outcome of the next spin. If you manage to land bonuses surrounded by red symbols, you may also trigger super free spins. This is the same spin as before, but with a better probability of landing on more valuable symbols.


Super symbols and Symbol Swaps are further options. Super symbols, shown by blue outlines, come in clusters and elevate all of the lower-ranking symbols to the highest-ranking symbol in the group. In the same way that a Wild substitutes for other symbols to help produce winning clusters, the Symbol Swap may do the same thing.

Win Potential and Return to Player Percentage in the Stars of Orion Slot


Although it has considerable volatility, Stars of Orion has a low return to player percentage of 95%. But the game’s winning potential is respectable, with a maximum win of 10,000 times your bet.


Synopsis of the Stars of Orion Slot Machine

The slot machine game Stars of Orion, developed by ELK Studios, is excellent. There is a lot to like, despite the fact that the return to player percentage is somewhat low. The synergy between the game’s mechanics and features is what really makes this slot stand out from the crowd. The slot is well-made and has excellent bonus features. If you like playing at the best online casinos, you should definitely give this one a try.

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